Palliative Medicine: More Than Just Morphine (Part III of III)

As with everyone else, cancer patients have families, loved ones, who care for them, appreciate them, and each carry their own responsibilities. Some are single parents, sole breadwinners, have young kids or elderly parents to care for. Being progressively unwell, their duties become more difficult to carry out, they become more dependant and frustrated. Life becomes unmanageable and before the dynamics could change properly, it all is too late.

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Palliative Medicine: More Than Just Morphine (Part I)

Poppy and Periwinkles
by Maria Kamal

Palliative medicine is a relatively new field in Malaysia. It is, at the moment, growing, as more people joined its training programme. Exposure to palliative medicine has also widened as doctors from Masters of Medicine as well as pain management trainees under anaesthesiology are introduced to at least a few weeks of their training programme.

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