Housemen are doctors in training

The response from the DG himself,

The Ministry of Health (MOH) appreciates all feedbacks which have been provided on the housemanship training. Housemanship programme emphasises on training rather than merely employment, whereas the medical officers’ main role is to provide medical service, hence their roles are different. The 2-year housemanship has started since 2008. It encompasses training in 6 disciplines namely General Medicine, Paediatrics, Surgery, Orthopedics, Obstetics and Gynaecology, and alternative postings (either Emergency medicine, Psychiatry, Anaesthesia or Primary Care) for a period of 4 months each.

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Housemen dilemma : A tad too late?

by Dr Timothy Cheng,

In response to an article in The Star, “Waiting list for housemen positions at government hospitals“.

It is with amusement as I read the article – Waiting list for housemen positions at public hospitals, June 21, 2014.

The health ministry is ‘in discussion’ with the education ministry to review minimum qualification for entry to medical schools. I believe we are years too late.

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More hospitals for housemen training

Many decisions are knee-jerk reactions towards a particular problem. The reporter also had problems discerning between training housemen and medical students, often using these terms interchangeably. Training of medical students and housemen is different.

Training housemen in district hospitals is certainly not the ideal situation. Many of the medical officers at these hospitals are themselves junior and inexperienced. Supervision at these hospital will be at the bare minimum. Senior officers will undoubtedly be burdened having now to train junior medical officers and housemen alike.

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