Lack of foresight and incompetency abundant

It can be perplexing to healthcare workers when staffing is short but yet new graduates have a tough time getting a position. This comes during a time when the 11th Malaysia Plan is being rolled out. It gives us very optimistic figures and almost appears surreal. With budget cuts being felt all around us, it almost seems an unsurmountable target. New graduates cannot get jobs, forcing many to venture across the Causeway, which always is ready to give these grads a position.

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Housemen are doctors in training

The response from the DG himself,

The Ministry of Health (MOH) appreciates all feedbacks which have been provided on the housemanship training. Housemanship programme emphasises on training rather than merely employment, whereas the medical officers’ main role is to provide medical service, hence their roles are different. The 2-year housemanship has started since 2008. It encompasses training in 6 disciplines namely General Medicine, Paediatrics, Surgery, Orthopedics, Obstetics and Gynaecology, and alternative postings (either Emergency medicine, Psychiatry, Anaesthesia or Primary Care) for a period of 4 months each.

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