Scientists fear coronavirus spread in countries least able to contain it

Infections of the new coronavirus have now been detected in 24 countries outside China. But researchers warn that cases might be going undetected in some nations that are considered at high risk of an outbreak but are reporting fewer cases than expected, or none at all.

The possibility of unreported cases is particularly concerning in countries with weaker health-care systems, such as those in southeast Asia and Africa, which could quickly be overwhelmed by a local outbreak, experts say. Although no cases have yet been reported in Africa, some countries there, such as Nigeria, are at particular risk because of their strong business ties to China.

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ICU doctors in China bear the brunt as virus causes rapid deterioration in patients

WUHAN (Caixin Global): It took only a few minutes for Dr Peng Zhiyong to make a decision that he knew could be highly risky – admitting a patient diagnosed with “unknown viral pneumonia”.

That was on Jan 6. Dr Peng, the director of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the South Central Hospital of Wuhan University, signed off on accepting the patient into his department.

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