Healthcare system needs “treatment”

I REFER to the letter “Hospital in urgent need for help”, (The Star, Nov 19).

I too am a medical officer ?and the issues that were raised in the letter are not foreign to me but in fact have been faced since my medical student years.

As a medical student, I was attached to ?a teaching hospital in the Klang Valley? whilst two years of house officer training was completed in ?Kota Kinabalu, ?Sabah.

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Housemen dilemma : A tad too late?

by Dr Timothy Cheng,

In response to an article in The Star, “Waiting list for housemen positions at government hospitals“.

It is with amusement as I read the article – Waiting list for housemen positions at public hospitals, June 21, 2014.

The health ministry is ‘in discussion’ with the education ministry to review minimum qualification for entry to medical schools. I believe we are years too late.

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