Healthcare system needs “treatment”

I REFER to the letter “Hospital in urgent need for help”, (The Star, Nov 19).

I too am a medical officer ?and the issues that were raised in the letter are not foreign to me but in fact have been faced since my medical student years.

As a medical student, I was attached to ?a teaching hospital in the Klang Valley? whilst two years of house officer training was completed in ?Kota Kinabalu, ?Sabah.

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Housemen dilemma : A tad too late?

by Dr Timothy Cheng,

In response to an article in The Star, “Waiting list for housemen positions at government hospitals“.

It is with amusement as I read the article – Waiting list for housemen positions at public hospitals, June 21, 2014.

The health ministry is ‘in discussion’ with the education ministry to review minimum qualification for entry to medical schools. I believe we are years too late.

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Palliative Medicine: More Than Just Morphine (Part III of III)

As with everyone else, cancer patients have families, loved ones, who care for them, appreciate them, and each carry their own responsibilities. Some are single parents, sole breadwinners, have young kids or elderly parents to care for. Being progressively unwell, their duties become more difficult to carry out, they become more dependant and frustrated. Life becomes unmanageable and before the dynamics could change properly, it all is too late.

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