New cloud-based integration healthcare platform launched

This article first appeared on Digital Health Age


A cloud-based data and API integration platform SPINR has been launched.

SPINR is a new venture and was formed out of cloud and digital transformation specialists Shaping Cloud, and aims to be a catalyst for small companies servicing healthcare working with data.

The platform allows data to be brought together from any number of sources, so it can be viewed, transformed and shared across departments and between companies.

This democratisation of data through APIs also means that anyone within an organisation, regardless of technical ability, will be able to use data that was previously siloed or unattainable.

SPINR’s senior team consists of, Carlos Oliveira, Tom Carter and Martino Corbelli, who have been appointed as CEO, CTO and chief product officer respectively.

Carlos Oliveira is the founder of both Shaping Cloud and SPINR and Tom Carter joins him in becoming CTO of both companies. New to the Shaping Cloud Group, Martino Corbelli has been appointed as chief product officer of SPINR, heading up their go-to-market strategy, using a broad knowledge of growth marketing honed at some of the UK’s most successful tech companies.

CEO and founder Carlos Oliveira said: “Our mission is to put the power of enterprise integration into the hands of every ambitious organisation. We believe in the power of data to drive the future innovations that will improve people’s lives. For any organisation to innovate, it must first set critical data free from application and departmental silos, that often keep it locked down and obstruct business agility.

“Building the next generation of digital platforms that will delight consumers, will only be possible through data services working in real-time, combined with the efficient creation, management and distribution of APIs. This drives better collaboration, so new products and services can be launched faster than ever and new customers onboarded in a fraction of the time.”

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