(19 July 2018, Kuala Lumpur) UCrest Berhad announced today that the Company has signed Memorandum of Understanding with Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center, the largest cancer research center in Europe and one of the largest cancer research institutes in the world to bring online cancer research of protocols and medicines, collaboration with other doctors in other hospitals in research, clinical trials and provide medical services to patients, extending the medical services to every corner in the world through imedicTM platform.

Additionally, UCrest and Blokhin Cancer Research Center will jointly conduct research and development on cancer diagnosis and therapeutic using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, block chain and Internet of Things (IOT) technology in combating one of the deadliest and toughest diseases faced by mankind.

Through the D-to-D-to-P (Doctors to Doctors to Patients) or D-to-P (Doctors to Patients) models, cancer specialists or Multi-Discipline Team (MDT) from Blokhin Center will be able to provide diagnosis or second opinion and treatment plan to patients not just in Malaysia, but anywhere in the world.

“Blokhin Center is one of the leading cancer research centers in the world and they have many successes and breakthroughs in many areas of the cancer diagnosis and therapeutic. We are leading in the use of IOT, Block Chain and artificial intelligence technologies in various aspects in the medical development, our collaboration will definitely bring one of the most advance technologies in cancer treatment to the people everywhere” said Mr. Eg Kah Yee Chairman of UCrest Berhad. “We are also planning to establish joint venture or any form of collaboration between Blokhin, UCrest and the local hospitals or clinics in offering the best possible treatment to the cancer patients,” he added.

About UCrest:

UCrest is the leading mobile health platform developer and operator with its imedicTM Cloud Hospital used by thousands of doctors and patients in the US, Russia, China and other Asian countries. imedicTM is powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and knowledge-based technology for comprehensive analysis of the health data of the users to produce timely and accurate health information.

visit www.unitedcresthealthcare.com, www.palettemm.com About N N Blokhin Cancer Research Center

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