The anatomy of innovation

Dr Benjamin Cheah at the Health Hackathon 2018

Finding new, ingenious ways to solve a problem can appear daunting. Innovation certainly does not materialise from thin air. Being at a hackathon and engaging in conversations with groups can be stimulating.

There are several key points to note when thinking of innovative ways to solve an issue.

1. A clear understanding of the subject matter

An incomplete or skewed view of a particular subject of interest can often lead teams down a path of irrelevance. Dissecting the subject of interest and viewing it from all possible angles is key element in the early stages of innovation.

2. Identifying existing problems or pain points

Having an existing problem to fix or the need to improve an existing solution, drives the will to innovate. A clear, well described and precise delineation of the problem at hand is crucial to maintain a direction for a particular project.

3. Strategic collaboration

This point cannot be overstated. Finding the right people that you can work with is as important as finding the right skillsets. Complete strangers can be excellent co-workers as opposed to long time friends, shackled by favours and emotions. Expectedly, complementary skillsets can gel into a cohesive unstoppable force.

4. Mentorship and guiding principles

Our thoughts and actions are often guided by the people around us. Positive influences from the right mentors can formulate our resolve and tenacity. Having good principles forces discipline and ensures that you will be untouched by greed.

5.Sheer determination

The “never-say-die” attitude underlines most successful entrepreneurs. The sight of failure does not demoralise but instead inspires a greater resolve.

Good luck teams!! This is your first step.

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