Vaccines : irrefutable proof and track record

We are reproducing an article that was first published last year. It appears that we continue to lose the battle of convincing enough individuals to vaccinate their children, resulting in the recent spate of diphtheria. As a result previously rare infectious diseases are making a come back.

Let us not forget


Published on 30 October 2015

Like war memorials, eradicated diseases like small pox and poliomyelitis must be enshrined in museums so that the public will not forget what devastation these diseases brought to Mankind. Lest we forget and the silliness takes over, thus dragging us back into the dark ages before immunisation was discovered.

Anti vaccination movements are based on crooked facts, contorted to paint a picture of evil intent, even to the despicable action of dragging in racialism, religion and politics. There is no science or proof to their claims but the rhetoric and the art of instilling fear often courts potential converts to their egregious cause.

Fortunately, their numbers are small and the element of herd immunity continues to offer protection. However, we cannot be lackadaisical in our efforts to remind everyone that immunisation has had an excellent safety record and has had a track record of keeping deadly diseases at bay. We need to constantly remind everyone of the danger that lurks when this invisible armour is stripped and the human body lays at the mercy of a minute, unseen enemy.

Let us not forget!

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