Know your snakes!


Malaysia is rather fortunate that we do not have many venomous creatures within our borders. However, with undocumented importations and a lax customs enforcement, it is a hard statement to judge.

Some snakes are so dangerous that it can kill in a matter of hours. There are venomous snakes in Malaysia and it may be an opportune time to educate Malaysians on Malaysian snakes! From the shape of the snake’s head to where it lives and the colour of its skin, will lend a doctor credible clues on the type and possibly venomous nature of the snake.

Professor Tan Nget Hong, specialises in venomous snakes and has a great article on his website.

The Medically Important Venomous Snakes in Malaysia.

His biodata is available here.

Deaths from poisonous snake bite ‘grossly underestimated,’ say experts

LONDON, Oct 1 — Venom specialists said yesterday disease and disability caused by snake bites is far higher than official global health estimates suggest and antivenom stocks are running dangerously low.

In a joint statement after a five-day conference in Britain, the international experts said snake bites kill more people than all other so-called Neglected Tropical Diseases combined, yet get little attention or funding from the World Health Organisation (WHO) or from governments.

Citing new evidence from a study in India and Bangladesh, the experts said around 46,000 people died annually of snake bites in India, plus another 6,000 in Bangladesh. The WHO estimates the annual death toll in India from snake bites is 10,000.

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