Doctors' workload has actually declined, says former Health Minister – The Rakyat Post

KUALA LUMPUR, July 11, 2015:  Former Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said house officers and medical officers were having it easier nowadays compared with how things were before. He pointed out that some junior doctors in government hospitals did not even have patients to attend to. “The workload has actually reduced because there are more doctors now, although there …

Source: Doctors’ workload has actually declined, says former Health Minister – The Rakyat Post

Editorial Comment

As he has alluded, specialists are still in short supply. In fact, the senior doctors are now more overworked than their junior counterparts.

Training opportunities are still limited with the local Masters programme. Although the Ministry of Health is trying to run their own training programmes, it is still infantile as training does not equate to just being in a particular posting. It requires adequate supervision and feedback. There must be a minimum of continuous medical education activities and regular examinations both theoretical and clinical skills. Regular evaluation of learning outcomes and the success of achieving the learning objectives must be done.

The existing local universities have the infrastructure to run postgraduate programmes successfully. However, the capacity is limited. It is therefore important to collaborate ,to enhance learning and have a good quality of training.

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