Emergency Number is still 999

From The Star,

call 999
PETALING JAYA: There is widespread belief that 112 is the country’s most efficient emergency number as it connects mobile phone users directly to the police even without network coverage. This is not true.

The number has been promoted via SMS, group chats and social media as a lesser-known number that works better than the Malaysian Emergency Response Service (MERS) 999.

One widely circulated WhatsApp message even gave an example of how a college student called 112 from her mobile phone when a convicted rapist pulled up behind her vehicle and got immediate assistance.

MERS 999 project director Rozinah Anas clarified that 112 was an alternative emergency contact which could only be dialled from a mobile phone.

And all 112 calls would still be re-directed to the 999 Response Centres, she said, adding that both numbers did not work on mobile phones without an active SIM card.

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