Ignorance is telling

Editorial piece

From a medical perspective, the Anwar saga is really a foolish affair. The entire saga is sprinkled with pseudo medicine and quite honestly a load of inconsistencies. Some explanations were downright amateurish.

The prosecution’s accusation that the initial doctor who examined Saiful did not wear gloves while examining the anus, is not only speculative but absurd. Their earnestness in explaining why other DNA materials were found in Saiful’s anal swabs apart from Anwar’s, exposed their total disregard for the intelligence of the observing public and makes a mockery of the healthcare profession.

The prosecution also alluded that doctors do not usually write down patient’s history also smacks of desperation and again a speculative argument. It paints a picture of anarchy in the healthcare system.

The abundant medical inconsistencies in this case are grounds to throw the entire case out. This farcical courtroom drama should show some respect to the healthcare profession. Their quest to nail Anwar should neither be at the expense of ridiculing our intelligence nor the integrity of the profession.

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