Medical Education fiasco : The Facts

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medschoolThere has been recent press reports lamenting on the deteriorating quality of medical education, especially amongst the private medical schools.

FACT ONE : Understaffed

Many medical schools, especially private ventures are understaffed. Many medical schools then turn to doctors/lecturers from countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar. The credentials of these doctors may not be sparkling bright and many of them have little clue on the local scenarios and hence will likely teach based on their experiences from their respective home countries. How then can our local medical schools equip medical graduates to tackle the local health issues, which should remain the primary objective of these medical schools?

FACT TWO : Poor Quality of Students

Many students pay large sums to enter medical schools without the right qualifications. To stay afloat, private medical schools compromise on their entry requirements. Many are inept at handling the pressures of medical school and the academic vigour that is required.

FACT THREE : Pressures to pass students

Upon entry, a high failure rate is hardly a positive advertisement for potential candidates. Why would anyone pay large sums to a medical school with a high failure rate? Therefore, passing below par students is likely necessary to protect the ‘prestige’ of a high passing rate. So the vicious circle continues, churning out incompetent doctors we see today.

FACT FOUR : Money Talks

At the end of the day, medical schools are cropping up not because the country is in severe shortage of doctors. It is because of the insatiable appetite for perceived profits in the healthcare / medical education sector. It might be also seen as a stepping stone to approval for a private healthcare facility. Approvals for these medical schools were shrouded in secrecy and much of the corporate maneuverings were clearly done behind the scenes. Money certainly talks and this fact although may be vehemently denied remains a solid fact.

So the government is selling the soul of medical education to the fancies of corporate dealings and bottom lines. The effects of of this move has already being manifested by clear presence of incompetence and deteriorating quality among medical doctors today.

So we should not be surprised!

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