Medical Education : Shocking standards

medicallitigationWhen you will end up dealing with people’s lives, it is paramount that medical students must have not only a good academic standard but the right aptitude to study medicine. It remains a struggle with many medical schools as to the selection criteria for choosing the best medical students. One needs to have the right tools to undergo the rigorous training and examinations of the medical curriculum.

So it comes as a surprise that many medical schools in Malaysia have taken in undergraduates with dubious scores. Some of them are hardly even close to the minimum standards as stipulated in their initial prospectus. So it is shocking when we get fully qualified doctors, whom we realise have poor skills even for daily communications, with shockingly poor scores especially in science subjects. A combination of Cs and Ps in the “Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia”/ SPM is a standard that hardly any medical school will even consider. How wrong can we get!

How did it come to this? Compromising standards have resulted in brewing incompetency and escalating medical errors. There is obviously no regular accreditation of these schools. They are left to their whims and fancies.

We would challenge the authorities to do an audit of the admission scores of the medical students to these medical schools. If left unchecked, we will be flooded with a healthcare workforce that is totally incapable of managing a challenging healthcare scene.

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