Haze:Impacting health of current and future generations?


The haze is back. The frequency of our country being shrouded in haze is increasing. It appears that many have resigned to the fact that this is an act of God and there is little we can do to avoid this. But is it really an unavoidable condemnation from God?

We do know from pollution studies that health of those exposed can be affected especially those with respiratory and heart conditions as well as the elderly and children. The effect on unborn children is unknown. It is possible that the current haze “epidemic” may result in, yet unseen, health issues directly or indirectly related to it. The clear thing is that haze can never be good for health.

There must be an urgency to tackle this environmental hazard. Current efforts are insufficient and co-operation between countries is less than ideal. Resources must be channeled into concrete ideas and actions. We must use technology to our advantage in tackling issues like forest fires. Open burning must be outlawed and newer more environmentally friendly ways of clearing land for agriculture must be introduced.

If this issue does not receive the attention it deserves, it will result in future governments having to mend the health of generations devastated by this haze, sapping its resources and reducing the productivity of the nation, pulling us down economically and condemning the nation to oblivion.

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