Digital medical degree – a correct move forwards?

medical-degreeRecently some University of Malaya medical students were unhappy that their medical degrees will be a digital version, while a printed copy is chargeable.

With fraud fairly rampant, is this a move that is ill timed? Is the real world prepared for accepting a digitized medical certificate? Are the security measures in the digital format up to mark?

Perhaps more questions than answers.

Planning a move into the digital realm requires careful planning. The need to anticipate possible issues and staying ahead with security measures is paramount. It involves the ability for employers to cross-check its authenticity and ensuring that the software itself is trustworthy. It requires a wholesome understanding of the intricacies of digitization and the drawbacks of moving faster than world is ready for.

Perhaps University of Malaya is one of the few universities to push ahead with this. It is certain that students will still request, or rather need, a paper version, but now at a higher price! Did the university authorities perform an in depth analysis prior to this decision?

Well, it appears that even the academic staff is unaware of this decision.

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