Murder-Suicide : Finding answers

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murderThe murder of two young children and the suicide of the maid, who was taking care of them, has griped a nation so dependant on the services of maids. There were reportedly no problems with the maid and she had appeared to be her usual self on the day of the murder. Apart from the parents living separately, there were no signs of trouble.

Perpetrators in murder-suicide has been usually suspected to be in some sort of depression and perhaps violent. Was Agnes depressed? Could this have been missed as the parents were busy sorting out their issues?

The maid was an illegal working for the family. She may have been cornered to give herself in, with all the spotlight now on authorities eradicating illegals from the workforce in Malaysia. Having taken care of these children, there was bound to be an emotional attachment. Losing them, perhaps through deportation, is unimaginable. This could be her chance to ensure that the children stayed with her in a world other than this.

To compound this, any domestic issues or disputes may also be a driving factor to such a behaviour. The sight of children caught in adult wranglings can be too distressing for someone who may “truly love” these children. A possible departure of the maid may then purportedly put these children into a turbulent upbringing. This was her way to “save” them.

The actual cause will likely not be known. Understanding this is important to forewarn others of trouble. Dissecting this episode may be painful for the family but it may be their calling to helm the challenge of preventing such crimes in the future.

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