Hospital Kajang gets RM10 million : An election mirage?

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hospital_kajangWe are beginning to hear of reportedly a large financial allocation being promised to Hospital Kajang for purposes of upgrading. Does it always take an election in order for the Government to take action of improving the infrastructure of older hospitals? It would be right to assume that if there had not been a by-election, such an allocation would not have been allocated.

In fact, there are many hospitals that have long been neglected and allowed to operate in sub standard conditions. The neglect of patients admitted to these wards and the overcrowding has been the plight of patients, doctors and hospital administrators for some time now. Kajang has fortunately been selected for some political maneuvering, hence benefiting its hospital.

Unfortunately, this allocation has not materialized yet and is due to be tabled to the necessary bodies for approval. It is likely that the process will take time, well at least way after the election. By then, most promises would have been forgotten by the public.

It is sad that financial transparency is never practiced and not many would be able to tell how the money was spent or if the money ever reached the institutions it was intended for. What is important now is to ensure an election victory, even if the dear Minister knows that it will likely be an empty promise.

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