Stopping dengue II : Time to be more responsible with garbage

20140213-094046.jpgThe dengue scourge has likely yet to peak but we continue to hear of reports that garbage is shrewn indiscriminately on roadsides. Driving along some roads will reveal the startling truth about this irresponsible practice. It does not help that the garbage then becomes the target of foraging stray animals leaving quite unpleasant sights for those passing by.

Many blame local authorities for not clearing this rubbish but ultimately, it is the general public that has to ensure that the rubbish they throw goes into a proper disposal area, pending its removal by local authorities. There must be more accountability when it comes to your refuse.

Unfortunately, the “could not care less ” attitude is prevalent and well ingrained in this society. It takes a careful meticulous look at our current education system, in order to correct this deficiency in inculcating basic responsibilities.

In the meantime, drastic measures must be taken to stem this menacing practice of just throwing your garbage out the door. Malaysia may have to adopt the Singapore-style policing and mete out humiliating punishment for offenders. It is time we clean up our country and put a lid in dengue and other diseases relating to hygiene.

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