World Cancer Day 2014


This year the World Cancer Day continues to spread the message of “Debunk the Myths”. In Malaysia, the ten most common cancers in 2006 ( are depicted as below :-


Breast, Colorectal and Lung cancers are the top 3 cancers noted in Malaysian hospitals. Many of these cancers are preventable. With good knowledge of your family history, avoidance of exposure to risk factors and appropriate screening, many of these cancers can be prevented or detected at t a much earlier stage.

It is therefore important not to ignore cancer, thinking that it would not befall us. This mistake could be fatal and rob many of a much richer and fulfilling life.

So let us commemorate this day, February 4, 2014, remembering those that have lost the battle and those still fighting it today. Let us continue to support funding for research, an important component of battles against diseases afflicting humankind.

World Cancer Day

National Cancer Society of Malaysia
National Cancer Council Malaysia

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