Obesity – more than meets the eye

From BBC,
Obesity quadruples to nearly one billion in developing world

mid section view of a man sitting on a bench in a parkThe number of overweight and obese adults in the developing world has almost quadrupled to around one billion since 1980, says a report from a UK think tank.

The Overseas Development Institute said one in three people worldwide was now overweight and urged governments to do more to influence diets.

In the UK, 64% of adults are classed as being overweight or obese.

The report predicts a “huge increase” in heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.

Globally, the percentage of adults who were overweight or obese – classed as having a body mass index greater than 25 – grew from 23% to 34% between 1980 and 2008.

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Obesity has also increased in Malaysia as reported in The Star. The problem is likely higher if we are to redefine the BMI cut off for Asians where a BMI of more than 23 is associated with increased risk of diseases. (Ref)

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