Jobless, likely not

JobDescriptionIt is fast dawning on new medical graduates that job security is no longer part of the deal. With thousands of medical graduates flooding the Malaysian scene, this was not an unexpected scenario.

Housemanship positions are almost filled. This is a necessary period for new graduates, to ease them into the rigors of medical practice in this country. It is a pre-requisite for full registration as a medical practitioner. Perhaps competition for a job will force the quality of medical graduates to improve. Or, maybe private institutions will be allowed to offer housemanship positions.

It may soon be necessary to counsel doctors on alternative career paths which is aplenty. So current undergraduates need not dispair. The healthcare industry continues to grow and an alternative career path may sometimes reap better benefits .

Medical schools will soon need to adapt. Offering students additional skills may be important apart from medical knowledge. Recognizing emerging fields like health informatics, will only benefit students and equip them for alternative career choices.

As medicine becomes super specialized , offering more post graduate positions may ease some of the glut of incoming medical graduates. There is a void of general and sub – specialists in this country. As medicine advances, sub specialization will occur. In efforts to sustain this, the numbers of medical doctors we see today may be relatively insufficient.

So it is likely that this glut of new graduates is temporary. As our post graduate training matures and increases its capacity, it will likely ease the congestion of new doctors entering active service.

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