Crimea State derecognised : Who are we kidding?


It was recently reported in The Star that all medical programmes from Crimea State Medical University, the premier medical university in Ukraine has been derecognised. This was a result of poor command of medical terminology in English and “serious weaknesses” at the university.

On one hand, one is relieved that finally the Government is serious about quality control of medical graduates. On the other, one can be puzzled as to how they have allowed many local medical colleges/ universities, to operate in sub-standard conditions. The quality of these graduates are also a suspect. They may know medical jargon in english but the lack of basic understanding and knowledge in medicine is even more alarming.

Many local faculties still lack the minimum staff to student ratio and this is likely going to impact the quality of medical education.

Our excellence in teaching and study was singled out by the International Educational Society (London) which certified the CSMU in 2006 and conferred the University AA category standing for top institution that is internationally known and recognized.

If we can derecognise a university of such rating, it is amazing that we are allowing many others to pass almost unnoticed. This is hypocrisy. Who are we kidding at the end of the day?

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