No more jobs! What now?

With such a large number of graduating medical students annually, it will be inevitable that soon the Ministry of Health will not be able to offer a position within its fold. Here are a few suggestions should this be a reality one day.

1. Overseas positions
You can get a job in another country. It may not be as close as Singapore as Malaysians are filling up the positions there rather speedily. One may have to look at more unconventional countries especially the underdeveloped ones. Developing nations are clamping down on foreign labour making finding a job there very tough.

2. Pharmaceutical
The pharmaceutical companies are always looking for suitable candidates to fill the positions there. Expect some to meet tight deadlines and frequent travels.

3. Academic
Academic careers can be rewarding. However, you will need to have an interest in research and teaching. With so many medical schools in Malaysia, there is a vacuum in this area which needs urgent influx of personnel.

4. Furthering studies
You can also further your studies at a Masters or Phd level. This can make you more marketable as well and at the same time improving and sharpening your talents.

5. Volunteer
This will always be a noble path. Organisations like Mercy Malaysia and Doctors without Borders are always looking for people. Expect to be trained and sent to disaster zones.

6. Starting your own business
This may or may not be related to medicine. There are many areas that you can explore from pharmacies to laboratories. This will likely need a joint venture for it to be successful.

7. Emerging areas
There are a few areas that will likely be more prominent in the near future. Eg Health Informatics and Medical Education.

There you go. It is not the end of the world should your application for housemanship in Malaysia is rejected. This may occur sooner than you think.

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