Mild cases of hand, foot and mouth disease on the rise

From The Star,

PETALING JAYA: The hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) endemic spread increased to 1,468 new cases from May 6 to 12 compared to the previous weeks 1,147 cases, but most cases are mild.

Health Ministry director general Datuk Seri Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman said this week, Selangor had the highest number of HMFD cases (354 cases), followed by Sarawak (343 cases), Johor (195 cases), Penang (128 cases), Kuala Lumpur (100 cases) and Sabah (91 cases).

Other states reported less than 60 cases.

Most of the cases reported are mild. This week, 180 cases nationwide have been hospitalised for observation and rehydration treatment and no deaths were reported, he said in a statement Friday.

The increase in cases had been observed since January this year, and 17, 221 cases were reported since.

Dr Hasan added the ministrys measures to curb the spread were to temporarily shut down premises or institutions where HMFD was spreading, and urged medical practitioners to report HFMD cases to the ministry.

He also advised the public to take precautionary measures through maintaining cleanliness, taking children with HFMD symptoms for treatment and keeping the infected children away from public places.

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