Oversupply of nurses, doctors are following suit

Reported in The Star,

Mismatch between training and market needs for specialised nurses

PUTRAJAYA: The number of jobless nursing graduates has reached such a state that Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai has ticked off private institutions of higher learning for not being in touch with market demand.

The institutions, he said, were the cause of the surplus as they have not delivered on the areas of expertise needed and thus created a mismatch between training and market needs.

Most of the private nursing colleges are offering mere “general training”, which did not cater to the private sector’s requirement for specialised nurses, he said.

Among the measures to rectify the problem:

> The Government to work on creating vacancies at public hospitals.

>The Malaysian Society for Healthcare Delivery wants a system to monitor the quality of nursing graduates.

The medical profession is soon to follow the trend in nursing. So many medical schools that have not fulfilled the minimum standards are allowed to proceed with their intake of students. Many such colleges/universities are either riding on their successes in other disciplines or on a foreign established medical school.

It is quite obvious that economic forces have dictated terms and caused the policy makers to turn a blind eye on this issue. Despite numerous warnings from different quarters on the deteriorating standards of medical graduates, these newer schools are allowed to operate below minimum standards. I suspect that only a tragedy will jolt the powers that be into taking appropriate actions.

Unfortunately, the current crop of crooked policy makers would likely have made their fast buck and disappeared into retirement. Indeed it is the future generations that will suffer from the foolishness of their predecessors,

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