1Care : What’s wrong?

The currently proposed 1Care, a national health financing scheme, is under fire for good reasons. One of the main faults in the current system is that the government is not spending enough on healthcare. We are only spending 4.7 % of our GDP on healthcare. In terms of government expenditure, only 7% is used up for healthcare. These values are way below that of developed and some developing countries.

Many see this as a testament that the government is not doing enough in the current system, on top of the annual waste of funds as exposed by the Auditor General’s reports. Year in and year out, the same report is generated from the AG ‘s office but sadly little action to rectify the situation is taken.

Now they are proposing to cut the salaries of the people in order to fund the escalation in healthcare costs. There is little talk on how the Government should be more prudent in their spending and correct flaws within the current system. Does freeing up cash from this scheme translate to better services elsewhere or will it end up in someone else’s pockets? Malaysians are certainly fed up with the blatant neglect of ethical and proper practices of our current crop of leaders.

Until and unless, the Government can prove to the people that it is committed to fair and transparent practices in managing finance, the people will likely oppose this deal which is being shoved down our throats.

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