Simoncelli's Death : Poor first responders

Accidents in motor racing are inevitable. Horrific crashes will continue to occur as competitors push the boundaries of their machines and human capabilities. Organizers of motor racing events must always be prepared for the worst case scenario. Quick and efficient first response is critical if anyone is to survive after a horrific crash.

After reviewing the video of Simoncelli’s initial rescue attempt, it left me embarrassed at the lack of training involving those that had responded after Simoncelli had crashed and layed motionless on the track. There was no attempt to stabilize his cervical cord and properly secure him on the stretcher. There was also no attempt to evaluate his status on the track itself and if possible initiate resuscitation attempts then.

In fact he was put on a regular stretcher which resulted in the rescuers dropping him in their haste at getting him into the ambulance.

I find the entire footage a testament to poor training of rescuers and speaks volumes on the quality of organizers in this case.

Whether Simoncelli would have survived is irrelevant but we should be seen as doing the right thing and practicing correct procedures in Emergency care.

I am surprised the press has not lambasted the way Simoncelli was handled after the crash.

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