New standards of medical education?

One cannot help but feel perplexed by this news.

The Malaysian Medical Council, the governing body for accrediting medical schools, is now going on an exercise to ensure that foreign universities are up to par, if they are to remain on the list of recognised medical schools. So they say!

What standards are we talking about now? Should not the local medical schools also be subjected to the same standards?

If we are to allow local medical schools to be “below par”, then the rhetoric of improving the quality of medical graduates will ring hollow. This exercise should be across the board, not just restricted to the foreign medical schools.

By the way, how are we going to re-evaluate the medical schools concerned? There are 366 foreign medical schools in 14 countries! Is MMC going to visit them all? How are local medical schools going to uphold good standards with just a handful of academic staff?? Why are we closing an eye to these obvious discrepancies which does great in justice to the public when incompetent doctors flood our healthcare system, putting lives at risk??

It is sad but true that this is perhaps more talk than action. In an attempt at appeasing the critics and unrelenting pressure from certain groups, this knee jerk statement lacks substance.

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