Failings in UM

Once a proud institution standing tall among its neighbours, UM has been relegated to the shadows of singaporean and some Thai universities . The reasons have been quite obvious , stifling the growth of this university .

What are we going to do about it ? Are we going to continue ignoring these factors that are literally burying all our universities, not just UM?

Do our leaders truely love Malaysia ? Perhaps they love their political careers more.

Malaysia should stand up now and rectify the situation. We actually have all the resources to be better than Singapore . Unfortunately, our leaders have misled us down a path to oblivion . From clueless politicians to ineffective Vice Chancellors, Malaysia has been plagued by unimpressive leaders .
True leaders of Malaysia would be able to see beyond the colours of our skin . They would remove the very clutches that has weakened the race that it had hoped to empower . Sadly, our leaders are really not budging from a position that they hope can guarantee political survival . They would rather see Malaysia suffer rather than lose precious votes.

Our leaders are building castles on shifting sand . They appear contented by a mirage of wealth not realising that true wealth of the nation lies in the quality of her people .

When racially skewed universities are allowed to thrive in Malaysia, it is a sure sign that there is a long way to go before Malaysia can mature into a developed nation .

Meritocracy in a globalised world has only one definition. Failure to play by these rules equate tightening the noose resulting in certain collapse .

Wake up , Malaysia !

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