No more elective Caesarean

The NHS in North Yorkshire has banned elective Caesarean sections from being carried out, in the name of safety. Despite denials that this is a cost-cutting move, it is quite obvious on the contrary.

Would removing the right of a mother to choose her mode of delivery be infringing on her very basic right?

I am amazed at times how a country as forward thinking as Britain can sometimes arrive at a decision without much thought. When it comes to a crunch, the knee-jerk reactions are often the norm, whichever part of the globe you are in.

It is akin to saying that we should not be using vehicles, it is certainly not natural. Walk! Or perhaps we should not be flying on airplanes. This is certainly not natural.

The advancement of science and technology has made caesarean safer. Mind you, normal deliveries are also fraught with risks, hence the high mortality rate among mothers decades or centuries ago. The argument that Caesarean is risky and not normal deliveries, is delusional and bias.

Having said this, it is important to counsel mothers on the risks of going under the knife, from anaesthesia to post surgical complications. It is then up to them to decide.

Lastly, we should get the views of all concerned not just from the primary care sector. The other major players in this saga would be the obstetricians and paediatricians.

Do you support elective Caesarean? Perhaps you should share your experience on this procedure.

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