British or American? Why not Malaysian?

Our Minister of Health was reported as wanting to adopt the American medical education system, which requires aspiring medical students to complete a basic degree. As of now, the Malaysian system is tailored according to our post colonial master, the British way.

Should we not analyse our medical education system and decide how best to tailor it according to the needs of our country? Would basic science degree courses be readily available at local institutions? Are there sufficient lecturers in accommodate this?

Why would the Government consider sending students to American medical universities? Do we not have enough medical schools??!! Have they not learnt their lesson that many do not return upon completion of their degree overseas??

Many politicians are still trapped in this colonial mentality. They have a hard time trying to figure out things for themselves and prefer the easy path of choosing a system that purportedly is advanced and from a developed nation.

Come on Malaysia! It is time to be independant after more than 5 decades of post colonialism.

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