Adenovirus: where did it come from?

As reported in The Star, three Malaysian Police Academy trainees have died from Adenovirus infection. The Government claims that it is confined to the police camp but otherwise little information is forthcoming about the strain of adenovirus and where did it originate from??

Adenovirus serotype 14 had been reported to be fatal in cases in the United States in 2007.

Read the full report here.

As adenoviruses are spread via respiratory droplets and are known to be fairly stable in the environment, the Government, in particular the Ministry of Health, needs to be more forthcoming with regards to the origins of this virus.

Is it the same strain or is this a new strain?? I am surprised that no one is asking more about this adenovirus infection. Such virulence is cause for concern as the dead were all healthy and young police trainees.

The public needs more information.

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One thought on “Adenovirus: where did it come from?

  • April 30, 2011 at 1:17 am

    it’s interesting reading up on adenovirus reports that it is always the aerobically FIT people who are charactereized as having adenovirus: police recruits in Malaysia, military in US etc.

    There must be something about increased aerobic exercise which opens you up to fatigue and increased susceptibility to adenovirus. Or perhaps exercise temporarily lowers immunity.

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