An impending nuclear catastrophe?

Updated 31 March 2011

There is yet no good news coming from Japan. As of now, leaks from reactor 2 is suspected and there has been not much in way of solving this. The upside is that power has been restored to the reactor 2 building and attempts are made to repair the cooling mechanism.

Unfortunately, radioactive particles from Iodine 131 and Caesium to deadly Plutonium are spewing into the surrounding environment. Without a doubt, the situation is far from under control.

The only available solution is to remove the fuel rods and store them safely in a working storage facility. It is easier said than done as the damage to the cooling systems have allowed uncontrolled nuclear fission to occur in the fuel rods, worsened by the corrosiveness of seawater that was pumped in much earlier.

The first priority is to reactivate the cooling mechanisms which can then slow the fission process to a more controlled rate. Secondly is to fix the containment vessel leak, of course once the culprit area is identified. With the high radioactivity around the reactors now, there is no way of fixing this leak. So any delays in repairing the cooling systems will only cause further leakage and a spiralling uncontrolled nuclear fission, thus producing more radioactive materials.

Updates 31 March 2011
High levels of radioactive iodine up to 3000 times the upper limit of normal has been found in seawater near the Fukushima plant.

As low levels of radiation has been detected in Malaysia, I feel it is paramount that the Government gives transparent updates on the issue. The latest check with the Meteorological website did not show any information with regards to radioactive levels.

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