Sisha smoking ban : little sense

A hookah
Kota Bharu has banned sisha smoking. Sisha is a flavoured tobacca and is smoked using a hookah(pic). If the authorities there are so worried about tobacco and nicotine addiction, then when are they going to ban cigarette smoking altogether?

Perhaps there is too much at stake if richer tobacco companies are banned from selling tobacco. I am sure these companies are funding more projects than meets the eye.

Opium Smoking
Perhaps it is the shape and size of the hookah which brings back eerie resemblances to the dark days of opium smoking. Are the shape of cigarettes more socially acceptable? The addiction problem remains the same.

Why stop at sisha then? If the concerns are that of addiction, then a blanket ban on nicotine containing substances especially cigarettes should be the next step.

What is sisha? (The Star)

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