Common Qualifying Examination for all

The Ministry of Health is mulling over the idea of implementing a qualifying examination for graduates of foreign medical school, mirroring the Medical Licensing Examination in the United States. This idea came about as the list of recognised medical school is getting too lengthy to monitor. Much concern has been voiced with regards to the quality of some of the medical graduates from certain universities overseas.

Local medical schools, all 28 of them, are exempted with the excuse that it is easier to monitor these schools.

Similar concerns arise when some of these newer medical schools with a dubious list of academic staff and lack of proper teaching facilities are allowed to operate within our shores.

If the Government would like to implement a common qualifying examination, all new medical graduates should be subjected to this. If the Government and respective medical schools are confident with their quality, then there should be little qualms about it. The passing grade can be adjusted based on the performances of all the candidates, thus ensuring a just system of evaluation.

Leaving out local medical schools from these examinations only highlights our very own insecurities when it comes to competing with others.

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