5-year moratorium : a stopgap measure

A 5
year freeze on the setting up of new medical schools in Malaysia is
at best a stopgap measure. There are currently medical schools
operating in Malaysia with inadequate resources. How these medical
schools were given the approval without the necessary bare minimum
requirements is puzzling? There is suspicion that several of the
same academicians appearing on the staff list of different medical
schools. Therefore, it may appear that some of these schools have
distinguished teachers in their midst, clearly realising that many
of them do not commit to one school. Will the 5 year moratorium be
useful? Hardly. There needs to be rectification of the current
situation of poor quality training in some of the existing medical
schools. In fact, some of these schools need to merge and
consolidate their resources. Many entrepreneurs pride themselves in
owning a medical school without much experience in providing
medical education. This does little justice when graduates ply the
wards with competency which is under par. The accreditation process
of medical schools needs to be stringent and a high benchmark
should be set. Attracting academicians to our shores and keeping
existing ones should have similar priorities. This is what we want
to hear from the Honourable Health Minister. A 5 year moratorium is
a knee jerk reflex to a problem which clearly needs more
addressing. Will 5 years solve our woes in providing quality
medical education? I think it will not solve the glut in housemen
either, as specialists and trainers remain the bottleneck in the

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