Unqualified medical students in foreign varsities : MMC to blame

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shocking to say the least that such a breach in standard has been
allowed to happen. Although the brightest students sometimes do not
make the best of doctors, such a deliberate attempt to circumvent
the rules will only result in a drop of quality medical graduates
that will flood into our healthcare system. The Malaysian Medical
Council(MMC) should be urged to re-evaluate the recognition given
to such schools, as this sin of accepting unqualified students is
in total disregard to basic ethical practices. In this era of
economic uncertainty, many parents are pushing their children to
study medicine, viewing it as a luxurious profession which is
fairly recession proof. Hence, the lackadaisical attitudes that we
are seeing on a more frequent basis among our new medical
graduates. The silence from MMC is deafening despite much press
coverage on the concerns about the standards of medical education
within and without the country. They should end their lais·sez
faire approach to recognition of medical schools and take a
proactive stance in ensuring that these medical schools keep to a
high standard even after being recognised by the council. They
should stop resting on their laurels and treat the MMC as another
feather in their cap. Accepting a position in the council involves
a lot of work and not purely for decorative purposes on their
resume!! Senior academicians and doctors have voiced this concern
of deteriorating standards years ago, but their laments have been
met with little interest from those with the power to change
things. On the contrary, they have been happily approving medical
schools without much careful thought. It is time the MMC takes its
role seriously. The rot has now emitted a huge stench!

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