Understaffed new medical schools II

Following our
first article here
. Let us
focus on a few of these schools. A visit to Segi University
‘s and MAHSA‘s
website, one will not find any links to academic staffing. UTAR
has 2 lecturers in their department of clinical medicine. Taylor’s
has 8 listed. The point is that rather than
allowing such mushrooming of “dubious” medical schools, the
Government should attempt to consolidate the expertise in existing
medical schools. The Government once promised that they will not
approve new medical schools but developments lately have proved the
contrary. Allowing foreign medical schools to set up camp here will
no doubt dilute the already depleted pool of medical lecturers.
What quality are we to expect from future medical graduates? As it
is, the current level of competence of new graduates is sorely
lacking. Medicine should never be a profit orientated enterprise
but rather a commitment to producing quality graduates. When UiTM
has an objective to pass 80% of their students, underlines the fact
that priorities in medical education has been misplaced. Indeed we
want to produce more doctors, but to achieve quality human
resource, we need to build a good foundation which obviously takes
time. Rushing to achieve a doctor patient ratio of a developed
nation in a short duration, is like building a castle on shifting

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