Never too old for good sex life

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just for the young and an inaugural workshop has been organised to
rejuvenate the sex lives of elderly couples in Terengganu. A host
of health specialists and geriatricians, including renowned sex
therapist Prof Dr Mohd Ismail Mohd Tambi, have been invited as
facilitators in the pioneer workshop to start tomorrow in Setiu.
Some 300 senior citizens are expected to take part. The pioneer
workshop, a brainchild of the Terengganu Family Development
Foundation (YPK) comprises a series of courses with modules
exclusively designed for elderly couples to bring back the joy of
sex in their marriage. One focus was on how the participants should
maintain a high level of self-hygiene and what to wear when the
couples were together. YPK director Mohd Shafaruddin Mustafa said
the workshop was aimed at correcting the perception of many that
elderly couples had had enough romance after being married for
decades. “Many of them are lonely although their spouses live with
them,” he said in an interview. In most cases, couples had strained
relationships in their twilight years as they slept in separate
bedrooms and focused on other matters, mainly the welfare of their
children and grandchildren. “This is unhealthy as elderly couples
could still continue to have vibrant intimate relationships
especially with all kinds of therapy and health supplements
available these days,” Mohd Shafaruddin said. He also observed that
senior couples easily get agitated with each other, probably due to
their own aging process which could strain their union. Continuing

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