Thieves in hospitals

There has
been a recent rise in thefts within hospital premises. Such
conniving individuals usually would pose as visitors before running
off with belongings of patients, some of whom are too sick to care
for their personal belongings. Certainly it is easy pickings for
such thieves with little resistance from the victims or hospital
staff. You may ask, so where is the security in such hospitals?
Most hospitals are attempting to be as visitor friendly as they
possibly can, so there is minimal fuss when one walks into the
hospital. For genuine visitors, this is a welcomed trend but for
opportunists, it is an invitation to exploit. So what can we do?
Visiting hours need to be strictly enforced. Many visitors claim
ignorance to this and demand to be allowed in on the pretext that
they had made the trip there. Not only are visiting hours limited
to allow the patients enough time to rest, but it also acts as a
way of preventing unnecessary entry especially when many patients
may be unattended or asleep. Security personnel need to be vigilant
at all times. Some hospitals have multiple entries which makes it
impossible to screen all visitors. They need to work out the best
way to tackle this issue. Hospitals need to invest in appropriate
security systems and manpower to ensure safety of patients and
staff alike. Everyone within hospital premises need to have
identification tags, similar to government buildings within
Putrajaya. Without these tags, staff and visitors alike cannot
access certain areas of the hospital, especially the wards.
Visitors need to obey hospital rules at all times. There should be
no exemption. Such rules are often flouted these days as
enforcement is lax. Stealing within hospital premises is common,
although rarely reported in the press. It is time that this should
not be allowed to continue.

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