Waste Management

The Star recently
highlighted the problem of overflowing landfills in the tiny island
of Penang. It is certain that this is not isolated to Penang alone
but Malaysia in general. A stroll down any road and one can see
waste strewn callously on the roads. Ultimately, Malaysia remains a
society that is numb to the environmental catastrophe at their
doorsteps. Afterall, who cares? So long as their immediate
surrounding vicinity is clean, Malaysians could care little about
how their rubbish is adding to the pollution! Landfills remain the
mainstay of waste management in Malaysia. Unfortunately, our land
is becoming limited and it is time to think of other ways of
improving our management of waste. The Government’s move to build
incinerators were met with stiff resistance although this is the
main modality of waste processing in our advanced neighbour down
south. Recycling is also a major way forward in reducing the amount
of waste that we produce. Malaysia needs to be more aggressive in
promoting recycling among its population. Waste management is an
important aspect of development. If we cannot manage household
waste, do you think we can manage radioactive waste?

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