Cigarette prices to go up tomorrow

From The Star
Sunday October 3, 2010

PETALING JAYA: Cigarette prices are expected to go up tomorrow by 70 sen for a pack of 20 sticks.

According to a report by a Chinese daily, most 20-stick packs, which is currently sold at RM9.30, will cost RM10.

Quoting sources, the daily reported that the 70 sen increase is one of the highest in recent history, with previous hikes being between 10 and 30 sen.

Packs of high-grade cigarettes are expected to cost as much as RM14.

A source predicted that the price hike would cause cigarette sales to drop by 10%.

Editorial note:
It is hoped that escalating cigarette prices will be a deterrent to smoking especially keeping it of reach of children. Unfortunately, in affluent areas in the city, many youth are now taking up the habit. A trip to the city malls will attest to this fact, with many sitting idly at a cafe with a cigarette in hand. With escalating prices, will cigarettes then be viewed as a statement of wealth?? Who knows!

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