Call to retain our talents

Source : The Star

Monday March 29, 2010

Compete for the best students

IT IS disconcerting to note that several hundred talented students leave Malaysia every year, and the trend is not changing.

Measures have been taken but the problem remains.

The remedies which have been applied have not brought positive results.

The Asean Scholarship attracts a significant number of outstanding students to pursue their studies overseas every year.

Besides, most of the prestigious universities around the world also offer a wide range of financial aid and scholarships to international students.

Local universities must seek to increase their international recognition.

By doing so, there’s no excuse, reason and benefit for students to leave the country as their aims can be achieved here.

Pointing at students and condemning them for leaving their country won’t bring positive results.

The application of “law and bond” doesn’t look very successful too.

Local universities should compete with overseas universities for outstanding students, just like how the students compete to secure a seat in a prestigious university.

Every student hopes that he/she can receive the best education without having to leave their home, family and country.

Johor Baru.

Editorial Comment – This letter, which was written to The Star, highlights an urgent need to make Malaysian educational institutions, attractive destinations for our very own students. In order to do so, these educational institutions, from colleges to universities, need to be at the forefront of academic excellence. Improvements in quality human resource acquisition to providing adequate funding, especially for research and development is essential to propel our universities forward. Maintaining high standards for admission should also be emphasized. A compromise in any of these areas will only be detrimental to the image of our local colleges and universities.

It is common knowledge in the medical field that many top consultants in Singapore are in fact, Malaysians. Many choose to stay abroad due to the unfavorable environment in Malaysia, from career advancement opportunities to the low pay package. Moreover, local universities or hospitals are not well recognised internationally to attract these talents back to Malaysia.

The government needs to change its stance on how they deal with individuals. They need to recognise talents based on merit. Placing increasing importance on human resource rather than physical sturctures, should be the ultimate objective. Anything less will only result in the continuing conundrum of our brain drain.

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