Biggest Loser : Sending the wrong message

Source : The Star

Look at the picture below. What is wrong with this?

He is literally cachexic. He has lost even normal fat distribution on his face. He has clear temporal muscle wasting leading one to belief that his body had to utilise muscle protein for energy, suggesting starvation on his part.

This was him before his weight loss.

I feel that fitness centers and health experts should dissociate themselves from this show. The objectives should be HEALTHY weight loss NOT one that almost appears pathological. This sends out a wrong message to our young generation!! Fitness First and Men’s Health magazine should withdraw sponsorship in an event that clearly breaches ethical issues with regards to techniques of weight loss.

For US$100,000 and a car, some will do almost anything. The show should set its rules straight and strive to promote a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, it appears that all they are interested in is their ratings.

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