Faster promotion for doctors, dentists and pharmacists

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This is the Government’s attempt to keep doctors in public service and to attract more Malaysians working abroad to return.

Apart from promotions, there needs to be an attempt to address the welfare of these essential service providers, from placements to career advancement.

There is a misconception derived from the article that career advancement equals more pay. This is perhaps only partly true. There needs to be a more equitable opportunity for further training for all doctors, in particular. Financial assistance for professional examinations for junior staff should be implemented. In addition, increasing places in local varsities is important for postgraduate training.

Looking into the welfare of the healthcare workforce is important. Placement of doctors has always been a contentious issue. Rural and community postings should be encouraged by providing greater assistance from accommodation to social support from the local communities. Serious consideration should also be given to requests for transfers.

It is a good gesture from the government but it should not end there if we are to keep skilled workers in public service.

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