Padang Earthquake Fiasco

The recent massive earthquake in Padang has left a trail of destruction and destroyed the lives of many Indonesians in Padang. The devastation has resulted in almost instantaneous offer of help internationally mainly in search and rescue efforts. However, Malaysia has taken no chances and decided to evacuate all citizens. Notably present in this group are medical students from Andalas University.

Despite a relative calm and a call by the university to return, these medical students have refused that offer and instead insisted on a transfer to local medical institutions. As the university itself is pleading for volunteers, these to-be doctors have shyed away from what many thought would be naturally brave and selfless characters. The visions of doctors in volunteer groups like Mercy Malaysia and Doctors without Borders, contrasts starkly to these cowards.

I strongly urge local medical schools to not accept these medical students. Making cheap advantages in another’s misfortune is hardly qualities worth considering. The least these students can do is to remain loyal to their chosen alma mater

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