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Man is cured of AIDS
Category: HIV/AIDS News
Article Date: 13 Nov 2005

Andrew Stimpson, 25, tested positive for AIDS in 2002, now he tests negative, says a spokesperson for the Chelsea and Westminster Healthcare Trust, London, UK. The Healthcare Trust said he needs to come back for further tests so they can find out exactly what happened.

Doctors would like him to come back for more tests so that they can find out exactly how he cured himself.

Currently, HIV/AIDS is an incurable disease which has killed millions of people around the globe.

According to Andrew, he feels truly special and lucky.

What’s different between Andrews case and some others claims in the past? The main difference is that the medical community is taking Andrew’s case seriously. His initial test, when he was positive was done at a recognised, respected hospital. His latest test, where he was clear of AIDS, was done in the same hospital. Experts speculate that Andrew may be carrying the cure – it may be within his body. Perhaps his body has produced some antibody we could engineer.

The hospital that carried out the tests on Andrew were adamant that the two tests were correct and that there was no identity mix up – they carried DNA checks to make sure it was Andrew.

Written by: Christian Nordqvist
Editor: Medical News Today

I almost fell off my chair reading this headline. Are we on a threshold of a cure for AIDS? Does this man really hold the secrets of a cure for AIDS?

Or was it just a mix-up on behalf of the laboratory?

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  • November 15, 2005 at 9:02 pm

    Well, it a promising thing that AIDS might be a curable disease,but is it true?I hope and pray that there will be more and more cases in the NEAR future.
    Dr. Osama Amin

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